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National membership in NSBE allows you to enjoy the above benefits while standing in solidarity on NSBE’s mission. Becoming an active member of your local chapter is the easiest way to get involved and DO something about it. We cannot have one without the other. Join or Renewtoday, and find your local chapter.[/col2]

Chapter Officers: Is your chapter not active? Chapters must be active for Senators and Delegates votes to be recognized in NSBE elections. Keeping your chapter active also permits your chapter to compete in Chapter of the Year competitions, chapter relief applications, and the like. In addition, your chapter is not counted among NSBE’s active chapters when we report end of year data.

Make sure your members are counted and make sure your chapter is counted!

To renew your chapter’s charter each year, you must ensure the following are met:

  • Chapter has at least ten (10) active members (5 members for NSBE Jr Chapters)
  • Must have the following chapter executive officers assigned and active in IMPAK (for instructions on how to update your chapter officers, download the Chapter Officer Appointment Instructions)
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer

Would you like to Start a Chapter? If so, please submit a Petition to start a Chapter today!

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